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Body to Brain Learning is:


  • A neurodevelopmental approach to supporting learning and function.
  • A professional development and learning series for educators, allied health care professionals, health care professionals, parents and those who work with children and adults to support their learning.
  • Developed by Dr Christine Payard (PhD), a Neurodevelopmental Educator,  passionate about anything to do with learning and how we learn, with a particular focus on how the body supports the brain to function and learn. 


If the body doesn't support the learning process, it can interfere with the learning process.  We show you how that works and help you use that information to improve the learning and functional potential of students and clients.


A bit about Dr Christine Payard (PhD):

Chris is a Neurodevelopmental Educator, the Director and  Founder of Integrating Thinking and Body to Brain Learning, and the INPP Australia Principal. 

She's a self-confessed "neuro-nerd!"

Chris' passion is learning and how we learn.

Starting before birth, the body trains the brain and grows the mind preparing it for learning and functional success.  The process starts early and can be modified using principles of neuroplasticity and neurodevelopmental approaches.

Christine teaches, consults, advises, and mentors educators, allied health practitioners, parents, and community groups about the ways neurodevelopment from age zero impacts learning and function at later stages and ages.

Christine's research and teaching interests include neuromotor and sensory maturity, professional learning in Education, and, student thinking and learning processes. She has extensive experience in all levels of Education (Early Childhood to Tertiary & Postgraduate Education), over 20 years of experience in the Allied Health world of Optometry and over 11 years as a  Neurodevelopmental Education Consultant. 

You can learn a more about Christine and her experience on the Integrating Thinking  "About us" page.

Picture of the Director of Body to Brain Learning.

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