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Body to Brain Learning 

Professional Development Series

Teaching and supporting a neurodevelopmental and functional approach to learning. 

We look at the role the body plays in supporting learning & function & teach you about those body to brain learning processes.  We know: "If the body doesn't support learning, it can interfere with learning."  We help you see the difficulties & address them with your students & clients.

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Build a Neurodevelopmental Learning perspective in your practice: 

A Body to Brain Learning perspective.  


"Body to Brain Learning" is a Professional Development Series for Educators, Allied Health Practitioners & those helping students & clients enhance their learning & function.


The body language of learning doesn't use words.


Children tell you how they learn, and how they use their body to learn, through their posture, behaviour and actions. 

If you are an Educator or Professional helping children who often experience learning difficulties and challenges, how do you read, analyse, understand and support their learning processes?

Are you aware of the learning story children tell you every day, with their body language?

The Body to Brain Learning Professional Development Series provides online and in-person training opportunities to introduce, expand and facilitate ways of working to help the body support learning in educational settings. 

It's about knowing and understanding how your students learn.  

It's about understanding how we learn to learn from a neurological and developmental perspective because our body trains our brain and teaches us how to learn.  Using concepts of neuroplasticity, we can help address learning and functional challenges. 

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Body to Brain Learning focuses on:

Professional Learning based on the Neurodevelopment of Learners.

Informed by developmental neurobiology and neuropsychology, we teach and use a functional and developmental approach to support learning. It's about how we learn to learn and the neuroscience behind how it all starts and develops.

Our professional learning opportunities align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching and are delivered online and in face-to-face modalities.

Reading and Understanding the Body Language of Learning

We help you learn to identify, assess and address student learning challenges that may have a neurodevelopmental immaturity component limiting a student's learning potential.

If the body doesn't support learning, it can interfere with learning. 

We help you understand why and how that happens and what to do if you recognise that in your students.

Developmental Movement and Learning

We help you understand and use developmental movement approaches that support learning and align with delivery of the Australian Curriculum to support students learning.  This is the Curriculum.

We help you create learning readiness by attending to the body to brain learning foundations for learning that each student presents.

The body trains the brain -- here's how! It's about neuroplasticity and HOW we learn.

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A snippet of info about us:

The Body to Brain Learning Professional Development Series is developed by Christine Payard (PhD), Neurodevelopmental Educator, Founder and Director of Integrating Thinking and Body to Brain Learning. 

Body to Brain Learning is the Professional Development Division of Integrating Thinking

Learn more about Dr Christine Payard and Integrating Thinking on our ABOUT US pages.

This Approach to Learning Has Changed Teaching Practice,  Experience & Learning Outcomes.

Knowing how to identify learning issues faster and how to address those issues through simple, planned, developmental movement activities, has helped change student learning outcomes, teacher satisfaction and overall wellbeing of students and staff.

“Our school data sets across the board, that includes NAPLAN, teacher judgements… all of our PAT Maths, PAT Reading, PAT Grammar, PAT Spelling, our SMG’s, our benchmarking, our running records are all showing growth for every single student and for a lot of our students more than 12 months growth.”  (Peter Harrison, Principal, Tyers Primary School, Victoria, 2019)

"I always knew it was important.  Now I understand why and I can use that information to understand and help my students more quickly." (Suzanne, Prep Teacher).

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By the way, all our teacher training is aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and supports the delivery of the Australian Curriculum.  If you have specific CPD requirements that we meet through our course delivery, let us know.  We may be able to help you gain professional recognition for these learning options.

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