Using the "Brainbow®" Neurodevelopmental Model to Build Your Practice.


Are you sometimes stumped about answering questions like: 

👉   "What is it that you do?" 

👉   "How will this help my child learn?"

👉   "What does 'neuromotor and sensory maturity' have to do with learning to read, write and sit still?"

👉   "In fact, what is neuromotor and sensory immaturity?"

I WAS!  

It took me a few years to sort out my explanation of what we do using words that made sense to someone who didn't share my knowledge and understanding.

There were so many times when I just wished I could draw a picture or show people what I was talking about and why it's important by using a simple metaphor or something physical to show them.

One of the most frequent questions practitioners in my network asked  was:  "How do you tell people about this work so they get it?"  They, like me, felt stuck explaining how neuromotor and sensory maturity contributes to the foundations of learning using simple words.  I could do it in an essay in my studies, but what about the people for whom this is a new concept? 

I tried explaining how academic learning challenges have a physiological foundation, but I found myself just wishing I could show someone what I meant! And so, I developed my Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning* ("The 'Brainbow' ®")

If a picture paints 1000 words, how effective is a hands-on manipulative model that shows the developmental processes contributing to our function and learning capacity? 

Turns out, it's VERY effective.

This Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning ® (affectionately called the "Brainbow"®) is a great visual and hands-on model we use to show how we address the neurophysiological gaps that can occur in learning and functional processes.

This Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning ®  has become a key part of Neurodevelopmental Educator, Christine Payard's practice.  She developed it and now uses it frequently to explain her work as a Neurodevelopmental Educator and Therapist. 

"The "Brainbow" ® Model does more than explain. It graphically demonstrates the gaps that can occur in the foundations of learning if our neuromotor and sensory systems are immature.

It's a hands-on learning model that helps people understand the importance of well-developed body systems for learning and functional success.

It is a model of how we learn to learn and how our body systems support our academic learning and build on previous neurodevelopmental stages.

So many people have said 'That makes so much sense now. Thanks!'" 

"Building your Neurodevelopmental Practice Using a Brainbow ®" is a resource providing you with ideas to use this model in your practice, working with families, describing our work to educators, other professionals and community groups and so much more.

What you'll get:

  • Suggestions and video examples on how to use the model in your practice, and what to say.
  • Instructions on how to make a "Brainbow" ® model.
  • Posters explaining the Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning ® (A3 & A4).
  • Descriptions of how to use the A4 poster as a reporting and discussion tool in your practice. (Pictures and diagrams often make long reports less intimidating).
  • Pictures and slide formats to use in  PowerPoint/Keynote/Canva presentations for different purposes. Download these and use them in community presentations to explain what we do and why neuromotor and sensory development is foundational for learning and function.  (A narration guiding you in what to say when using this PowerPoint is also included).  There's a video you can download that explains the model and what we do, and a link you can send individual clients so they can watch it again at home.
  • You also have an opportunity to share your experience using the Neurodevelopmental Learning Model ® with other Neurodevelopmental Practitioners in a private training portal and community.

Build your practice by using the Payard Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning* (the "Brainbow" ® ) to explain what you do, why you do it and how it helps your clients function more effectively.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is online material only and does not include the Brainbow® Kit.  You can purchase the rainbow Kit separately.

*The Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning Design and "Brainbow" ® is Registered and Trademarked. All materials are copyrighted.  The use of the materials in this package is for personal professional use only.  Other commercial use including training others, hiring or lending materials as part of any commercial, not-for-profit or fee-paying program of instruction or tuition is strictly prohibited.

Build your Neuro-developmental Practice using a "Brainbow"® $169 (incl GST)

"I have read the terms and conditions of this page and website, and acknowledge I understand the use of the "Brainbow ®" (The Payard Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning ®) is for my own use in my practice only. I understand the Model & term "Brainbow" are registered Design and Trademark. I will use it in accordance with the expectations and requirements of design and trademark registration.  I will not modify or publish the materials & resources or make them publically available on websites or other media without the express permission of Christine Payard."

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