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The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story:

An Introduction


Take the first step towards using a neurodevelopmental approach that supports better learning.


Learn more about the importance of neurodevelopment for learning success, why we need to pay attention to the body language of learning & why early movement patterns set the stage for later learning success.

This is what we cover:



The concept of functional confusion & what it may feel like for some students.



 Why knowing about neurodevelopment is so important for understanding our learners and HOW they learn.



The Brainbow® a Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning explaining HOW the body writes the learning story from the beginning.



What the body language of learning can tell us about students readiness to learn & HOW they learn.


Join Dr Christine Payard (PhD) as she delivers an hour of thought-provoking information about connections between neurodevelopment and learning success.  She outlines an approach that provides ways of thinking & answers that can assist you in helping learners succeed in their learning journey.


Here's what MM had to say about the course:

" I'm hooked... it resonates so loudly with me as an educator & parent


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" I feel your work will finally provide some answers & tools to assist young learners."


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Join the growing "Body to Brain Learning" Community with this introductory presentation & receive

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 The 'Body to Brain Learning Educator's Checklist'. 

An observational tool that helps you start to see HOW students use their body to learn.

Instructions on how to use this observational tool are included in the Checklist.  

"This is so useful for recording my observations and identifying what is happening for particular children,. Thankyou, it's great." (Shirley, Learning Support Teacher)

Two downloadable A4 posters: "How the Body Supports Learning" and another special "Brainbow® Building" explanatory poster.

A time-limited special discount for the  Brainbow® Kit & Resource to use in your practice.

Receive the real parts of the Brainbow® Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning in the mail as well as access to online instructions to help you create your own Brainbow® in your practice.  Options for Australian and/or international postage are included.  

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  • Know more about HOW we learn to learn and how the body supports the learning process.
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"The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story." 


We just need to know how to read it.


This one-hour short course is an introduction to the "Body to Brain Learning" approaches that make a difference to children, their families and their teachers

This course (and the bonuses associated with it) is currently available at $19.  We aren't sure how long that special price will remain. Valued at over $175, this is a SPECIAL opportunity.

Don't wait.  Learn more about the importance of neurodevelopment for learning success.

"If the body doesn't support learning and function, it can interfere with learning and function.  This course helps you understand why that is so important for learning success.  It all starts with Neurodevelopment!"

"The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story." An Introduction.

Join Christine Payard (PhD) in this introductory short course about neurodevelopment & learning; how we learn to learn; and why the early years are so important for later learning and functional success.  It's a special offer with time-limited bonuses.

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This one hour professional learning opportunity helps you learn more about HOW students learn.


You'll have 7 days access to revisit the material.  Binge watch in one session, or break it up and watch the sections we present that introduce you to these important aspects of learning and how we learn.

The bonuses are time-limited offers.  

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Presented by:
Dr Christine Payard (PhD). 
Neurodevelopmental Educator, Founder of 'Body to Brain Learning' & 'Integrating Thinking'.


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