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First Moves Matter

Making Neurodevelopmental Theory Real in Early Childhood Education & Care

A Community-based Professional Learning Opportunity 

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"The first three years of life, and the movements we make, lay the foundations for later learning and functional success.

It's neurodevelopment in action. And, we have a front seat!

In fact, we can help drive it!"  

Dr Christine Payard (PhD).  Neurodevelopmental Educator & course presenter.



Explore the most important stages of life contributing to the later learning success of our children. 

Learn HOW movement, experience and opportunity in the early years primes a child's brain for learning.  

"First Moves Matter" is neuroscience mixed in with practical activities to foster neuromotor and sensory development in our young children. 

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Dr Christine Payard (PhD)

explains a bit more about

"First Moves Matter," 

& why we need to know about early

movement to help drive & enhance

childhood learning.

"First Moves Matter" is open to Early Childhood Educators, Carers and Allied Health Professionals. 


 The goal is for you to become confident in movement-based neurodevelopmental knowledge, so that you can use it and share it with others in your work community.

It's about making theory real!


"'First Moves Matter' is about understanding the effect children's physiological development has on their later learning and function. 

If we can help Early Years Professionals, not just gain a better understanding of how neurodevelopment works, but also explain it to the parents, families and others in their community, we may be able to reduce the need for intervention down the track when those children are starting formal education."

"It's about capacity building in our Early Childhood Community, with our families, with the children themselves!"    

Michelle Wattridge,

Mission Australia - NDIS in Community, North Queensland.

Sponsors of 'First Moves Matter' in FNQ, 2021 - 2022 

In 'First Moves Matter' you get to:


1.  Learn from someone who's done the complex and hard study for you.

"First Moves Matter" is led and facilitated by Neurodevelopmental Educator, Consultant and Trainer, Dr Christine Payard (PhD). Chris is an Australian Neurodevelopmental Therapy Trainer and Leader with vast experience in Education and Allied Health. 

Learning and learning about learning is her thing! Teaching about learning and how we learn is her forte!


2.  Be a part of LIVE, interactive and dynamic workshops with a small group of people. [Those who can't attend in person can be "zoomed" in!] AND make a difference in the lives of the children and families you work with. 

Our workshop topics include:

  • How do little brains grow and develop? 
  • What does movement as an infant have to do with reading, writing and learning as a 5 or 6-year-old? What are the connections?
  • What movements and sequence of movements should we look for? (Spoiler alert:  it's much more than crawling!)
  • What activities and resources should we use to support and help build better brains?
  • How can we share this information with our colleagues, families and children in our work community?
  • How do we know if we are making a difference?
  • What can we learn from this approach?
  • Where do we go for more information?
  • AND more! 


3. Become a member of a dynamic "First Moves Matter" learning community made up of like-minded professionals (Allied Health Professionals, Early Childhood Educators, and others) who also want to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families. Share ideas, "Aha!'s", success stories and different approaches.  "If it takes a village...", then this village is filled with success stories, growth opportunities and shared experience. (And hey, sometimes using the brain work of others makes your brain work so much easier!) 


4.  Join our online community forum for networking and connection between workshops.  Because sometimes, the "Aha!'s" and questions you have don't always pop up in a workshop, and you really need to share those moments and thoughts with your colleagues.


5.  Use your own private online training portal filled with resources, materials, presentations and more 24/7.  Because who knows when you want to put your fingers on that resource we talked about in the last workshop?


6.  MAKE IT COUNT:  Add to your professional registration requirements with 18 hours of CPD aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.  Yay!  That's a swag of self-reporting CPD you can tick off 😊.


And, as a SPECIAL BONUS, our last participants got...


7.  A SUBSIDISED PLACE!  Thanks to 'Mission Australia - NDIS Partners in Community in North Queensland', and 'Integrating Thinking'. They got to save over 60% of the regular course fee, usually $1157.

Isn't that a great deal? 

If you are, or know of, an organisation interested in supporting community based capacity building in this way, contact [email protected]






Registration is closed for the current October 2021 - April 2022 course. 

Workshop delivery dates:

DAY 1: OCTOBER 20th    Full day workshop. (6 contact hours, plus lunch)

DAY 2: DECEMBER 9th  Half Day workshop (3 hours)

DAY 3: FEBRUARY 10th  Half Day workshop (3 hours)

DAY 4: APRIL 7th Full day workshop. (6 contact hours, plus lunch)


The venue for face to face workshops in Cairns is close to the CBD. Participants are advised privately.

BUT, if you can't make it in real life, we'll beam you up and zoom you in to join us virtually.    This means, you can be anywhere -- even in your PJ's on your couch if that suits you! 😊 [No judgement, we promise!]

We've opened up "First Moves Matter" beyond our Far North Queensland region because people wanted to join us from places like NZ, Victoria, regional NSW and more. 

What if I can't make it on the day?

We believe the best learning happens in real life, and community learning happens best with others in real-time.  But, we also know that life happens!  (Particularly in weird times).

So, if you can't make it, you can still join in the conversation with your colleagues in the online group membership forum.  And, you will be able to catch up with presentations and course materials in the online training portal you can access with your private password.

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If you, or your organisation, would like to organise a 'First Moves Matter' programme in your community, please contact  [email protected] to arrange course and delivery options.  

What others have said about Dr Christine Payard (PhD) and the courses she presents:

"Chris is an excellent presenter, armed with extensive knowledge, practical experience, empathy, wisdom and an ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Her courses are highly recommended."

Carmin H

"Chris was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects and used a variety of teaching methods and aids to keep the presentation of the material interesting."
"Chris is very humble about her expertise which made the information all-the-more accessible."
"It was very insightful and interactive for all of us came from different professional backgrounds. Presentations were very interactive, with great slides and videos that kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all."

"I could highly recommend Chris's teaching approach. The lovely atmosphere she has provided with her colourful presentations. We, as participants, cherish each others friendship, professional support hopefully for the rest of our life."


Join Chris & others in "First Moves Matter"

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"First Moves Matter" in  Early Childhood Education and Care.

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