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The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story:

An Introduction


Take the first step towards using a neurodevelopmental approach to supporting learning.


Learn why we need to pay attention to the body language of learning & early movement patterns because these processes set the stage for later learning success.



Here's what you'll learn:



Learn about the concept of functional confusion & what it may feel like for some students.


Begin to understand why this approach is so important for understanding our learners and HOW they learn.



Learn about a Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning® explaining HOW the body writes the learning story.



See what the body language of learning can tell us about students readiness to learn.


Join me in an hour of thought-provoking information about an approach that provides answers & ways of thinking that can assist you in helping learners succeed in their learning journey.


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" I'm hooked...


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" I feel your work will finally provide some answers...



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"The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story." An Introduction.

Join me in this introductory short course about neurodevelopment & learning; how we learn to learn; and why the early years are so important for later learning and functional success.  It's a special offer with time-limited bonuses.

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This is a one hour professional learning opportunity helping you learn more about HOW students learn.


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Presented by:
Dr Christine Payard (PhD). 
Neurodevelopmental Educator, Founder of 'Body to Brain Learning' & 'Integrating Thinking'.


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