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Learning & Movement: The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story. A Short Course.

Join me in an introductory short course about neurodevelopment & learning. It's how we learn to learn.  

"Learning & Movement:  The Body Writes and Tells the Learning Story." 

Based on a presentation provided at the Early Years Conference in May 2022, and other online presentations and Masterclasses, this short course provides background details on why we need to pay attention to the body language of learning.  

It's presented as a series of short video lessons. Or, binge watch it as one presentation if you want!  It's just over an hour.

What you'll get:

  • An explanation of WHY this area of work is so important for understanding Learning and HOW we learn.
  • The gaps this area of work filled for me in my teaching and learning journey. (And I know others have asked similar questions in their teaching life.) 🤷‍♀️
  • An introduction to "Functional Confusion". What does that feel like? 🧐
  • An outline of HOW the body starts to write the learning story (including an introduction to the Brainbow® -- a Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning)
  • An outline of HOW the body tells us learning stories of our students/clients/children or adults with whom we work; how they use their bodies to learn, and what some body-based learning blocks look like.
  • An outline of one of the best co-authoring processes parents and caregivers can use to help write good learning stories.
  • Details of where to find more information, how to write the next chapter of your learning journey. 😀


Receive bonuses including:

  • Our "How the Body Supports Learning" Poster,
  • The "Body to Brain Learning Educator's Checklist" -- an observational tool to help educators identify body-based learning challenges in their students, and
  • A SPECIAL one-time discount on our Brainbow® Building Kit

The value of these bonuses alone is well over $95.  

You'll have 7 days to access this short course and the bonuses from when you purchase it (so you can revisit it and refresh your memory during that time or pause to think about the material and jump back in when it suits you.)

Here's what MM had to say about this course:


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