$189 for the complete kit. SPECIAL OFFER. (International Postage included)

I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions associated with the use of this product as outlined on the pages of this website.  

In addition, I acknowledge that the Brainbow® and the materials associated with the Payard Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning® are registered designs and are trademarked. I will only use the materials for my own professional purposes and small group presentations.  If I want to use the materials in larger group presentations, I will first contact the owner of the trademark and registered design: [email protected] 

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Special Brainbow® Building Kit

Build your own Brainbow® with our complete "Brainbow® Building Kit". 

You will receive the component parts for the Brainbow®  in the mail AND an online video to guide you in building your Brainbow® 

"The "Brainbow"® makes sense and makes it so much easier to explain why neurodevelopment and our approach is crucial for learning success."

What you'll get:

  • All the parts to create your own Brainbow® for your practice are mailed to you.
  • An A4 poster to support  your explanation and to provide background details underpinning the Brainbow®

This multidisciplinary tool can be used in Early Childhood Education settings, Learning Support Education, Schools, Family Support and Counselling, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Optometry and Vision Therapy,  GP practices and more...

Kellie is a Neudordevelopmental Educator and Therapist. The Brainbow® has become an important part of her business.

Please note: $189 (AUD)  for the complete kit with online video instructions includes International postage.*

A personal note from Christine Payard the founder of 'Body to Brain Learning' and developer of the Brainbow®:

"Thank you for supporting my small business and Neurodevelopmental Education Consultancy with this purchase.  Funds raised through your purchase support the ongoing work of our practice and help us spread the word and concepts that are so important for supporting learning and function, especially for those who struggle in these areas.  I hope you find the Brainbow® and the materials in this kit useful in your practice, and I ask that if other professionals are drawn to it because of your use of the materials and the Brainbow® concepts, please refer them to our product purchasing options rather than allowing them to copy yours.  Thanks again.  Chris."

 Please Note: International postage from Australia may take more than 14 days to arrive.  If you would like shipping insurance on this, please contact us by direct email to arrange the extra coverage required (additional fees may be charged)